Contributing to Geo4Agriculture

Submitting articles to Geo4Agriculture

At Geo4Agriculture, we welcome professional contributions for publication on our website and in our newsletter. We encourage the submission of short articles (1,000 to 1,500 words) or columns (max. 650 words) dealing with leading-edge technological developments in the agricultural industry. The focus should be on how geospatial technologies can help farmers to increase production and reduce costs, e.g. the role of remote sensing technology, big data management or the capture, analysis and application of field samples and aerial imagery data in optimizing agricultural operations and resources.

We discourage the submission of academic articles or those written for a specific scientific audience, and papers focusing on specific, commercial geospatial products.

Submission guidelines

Before submitting an article, please ensure that it complies with our guidelines. We advise you to send us an abstract of your idea before starting to work on the full article to double-check that the topic of your article is aligned with the Geo4Agriculture audience.

Please read these guidelines carefully. All submissions should be as complete as possible, with the illustrations saved as separate files. We advise you to submit your materials using WeTransfer.

Send your contributions, and any further queries, to Wim van Wegen (content manager):

Review and editing

All articles for publication are subject to review by our editor-in-chief. After acceptance, articles will be subedited and checked based on style and grammar. Therefore, a clearly comprehensible text is more important than perfect spelling or grammar in the English language. All material submitted to the publisher (Geomares) and relating to Geo4Agriculture will be treated as unconditionally assigned for publication under copyright, subject to the Editor’s unrestricted right to edit and offer editorial comment.

Press releases

Geo4Agriculture welcomes press releases from the industry. Send your contributions, and any further queries, to Wim van Wegen (content manager):