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Geodata is playing a growing role in agriculture, and remote sensing technologies are increasingly being integrated into farming solutions. Precision farming particularly benefits from location intelligence. Although geospatial-based agriculture may still be in its infancy, the future looks bright since the industry is on the verge of a transition. Geospatial technology not only supports more efficiency on the farm itself, but also opens up opportunities for new business ventures and new sustainability concepts.

These opportunities range from sensors (data and/or equipment supply), machine guidance (and path planning) and geospatial-based office applications for working with soil maps, to remote sensing imagery, yield monitors and crop growth optimization/decision support… not to mention the maintenance and support all these new technologies will need.

The Geo4Agriculture platform is specially designed to help farmers gain knowledge and understanding of how geospatial technology can benefit the agricultural sector. The content on the website – articles, columns, reports and news items – is primarily focused on the practical application of geospatial data, tools and knowledge on farms.

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Geo4Agriculture is an online platform focused on highlighting the practical application of geospatial technology in the agricultural sector. The aim is to help farmers gain knowledge and understanding of how geospatial technology can benefit their business and open up new opportunities for them. Are you interested in targeting this rapidly emerging market with your marketing message in a highly relevant editorial environment? Feel free to contact our marketing advisor, Sybout Wijma, or visit our advertising page.

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Geo4Agriculture offers professionals the opportunity to contribute to our website in a practical and informative way, taking the editorial theme into account. 

Before sending in an article, please ensure that it complies with our guidelines for authors or send an e-mail to Wim van Wegen, the content manager.

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